You can make a significant step toward achieving financial freedom by just managing your finances and paying off your debt. But many individuals often find doing it harder than it sounds. Thank you for the current mobile technology, several key tools are available to make it a lot easier for you to set and manage your finances and stay in control of your debt. Research has predicted that an average American will check his or her phone 46 times in a single day and even more frequent for the U.S. Millennials. You can take advantage of the substantial time you are likely to spend on your smartphone every day by leveraging the device to improve your personal finances at no additional cost. Below are six free smartphone tools or apps to help manage your finances and track your debt management.


If you are using Android or Apple device, ReadyForZero can help you track your debts and pay them down. This app allows you to link all your debts such as student loans, mortgages and credit cards to create a customized payoff plan. It also enables you to track your daily and monthly progress by making it easier for you to check the amount you have already paid off and how much is remaining. You can additionally access your VantageScore® 3.0 credit score via ReadyForZero.


Mint has three main features that facilitate its functionality as a money manager, Personal finance, and budget. The Mint app enables you to manage all your financial information at one place, besides helping you track your debts. With this app, you can manage your finances better by connecting your investment and bank account to ensure that you are always informed of your financial standing.

You can also use its budget feature to create a monthly budget of your spending on various items such as education and gas, and stay updated on balance left for each item. Mint allows users to track their credit score with Equifax. The app is compatible with Apple, Amazon, and Android devices.

Prosper Daily

The Prosper Daily app is similar to Mint except that it focuses more on protecting your credit cards against unfair charges and fraud. The app integrates location-based technology that makes it alerts you when someone else uses your credit card at an ATM or store in your absence. The app is compatible with Android and Apple devices and can track credit score with TransUnion of a provided social security number.


AnnualCreditReport.com makes it easier for you to request your official credit report for free after every 12 months from Experian, Equifax, and the TransUnion. You need this official report to confirm if it agrees with the data recorded by your debt management tool. You can then dispute any inconsistency by reporting the error to the credit reporting bureaus by phone, email or their website.

Compound Interest Calculator

With this calculator, you can compute the compound interest on your investments and savings. It also provides a breakdown of your monthly interest gains as well as the option to record your regular monthly withdraws and deposits. This calculation can help you maximize the amount of interest you are earning and then use the interest gained to make extra payments towards your debts. This will eventually make your debt payment faster.

Check Deposit App

Like many Americans, you may have opted to have your salary checks deposited directly to your saving or checking accounts. Checks received from other instances, however, may force you to make a trip to your bank in order to have the checks deposited into your account. This mobile app from your bank could let you skip the trip by permitting you to make deposits directly to your account from your smartphone, and thus save your valuable time. Such an app can also help you manage your finances and make monthly payments toward your debts on time.

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